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Welcome to the Augmented Reality experience custom made for the 2021 IHF Men’s Handball World Championship. Below you will find buttons that will redirect you to each experiences.  The red buttons will be activated ONLY when it’s the right time to start the experience and they will turn GREEN when ready.  When you start the experience, point the camera of your phone in front of you.  If it’s your fist time, you will be prompted to accept your device to use the camera and motion sensors.


This experience is available as you arrive in the Stadium.  When you are ready, click on the GREEN button to see the Men's Handball World Championship Mascott dancing for you.  With one finger you can drag it where you want.  You can also rotate it by sliding your finger right or left.  With two finger you can scale it the size you want.  Have fun playing with it as you wait for the show to begin.


The Flag ceremony will start with a video projection on the floor.  The experience will be available ONLY during the projection mapping.  Augmented reality users will see flying animations above the field of play.  Make sure the camera is pointing in front of you toward the court when you start the experience.   When started you can move your cellphone freely.  Enjoy

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